"The Architect of retro to modern chip, electro and pop music."

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Dubmood is a Swedish chip music producer ex-pat in Marseilles with roots in the pre-internet software piracy scene. Long-time member of the infamous Razor 1911 and active since 1996, considered somewhat of a style-originator and reference in the chip music community.
Supported by the mysterious android Gem Tos (vocals, Atari) and Maskinoperatör (drums) Dubmood´s live shows are an organic blend of electro beats, raw energy and cataclysmic emotions that is unrivaled in modern music.

Dubmood est un producteur de “Chip-music” d’origine suédoise, expatrié à Marseille,  qui ancre ses racines dans la  “scène pirate” avant l’ère internet. Membre du fameux groupe RAZOR 1911, et actif depuis 1996, Dubmood est souvent considéré comme un pionnier dans ce style, et sert de référence dans la communauté  “Chip-music”. Il était découverte de Printemps de Bourges 2008. Soutenus par le mystérieux androïde Gem Tos (voix, Atari) et Maskinoperatör (batterie), les shows live de Dubmood sont un mélange organique de beats électro, d'énergie pure et d'émotions cataclysmiques encore inégalé dans la musique moderne.

Dubmood has played more than 300 shows in over 15 countries on 3 continents and shared stages with artists like Vitalic, datA, Birdie Nam Nam, Yuksek, Bit Shifter, Chineese Man, DJ Pone, Goto80, Robert Leiner, Jesper Dahlbäck & Nasser and has had media coverage or reviews in papers, TV & blogs like The Guardian, Wired, Svenska Dagbladet, Trax (aRTE), SVT, France2, France3, M6, Tsugi, Palms Out, Discobelle & Red Threat.

Short Biography in English // Petite Biographie en Francais
//Extensive Biography in English // Biographie détaillée Francais

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Music Extraits Selected Discography
Overlander by Dubmood Dubmood - Badlands (DATA020) Hiphop/Pop/Rock DJ-set Marseille 2011
Electro/8-bit/Dubstep DJ-set Garorock Festival 2011
Electro/8-bit/Chiptune DJ-set Paris 2009
8-bit/Chiptune Live-set in Goteborg, Sweden 2009
Chiptune Live-set at Blipfestival, New York 2008
Overlander (2012)
Four Track EP - Data Airlines
Badlands (2011)
Four Track EP - Data Airlines
Atari-Ska L'Atakk (2008)
Six Track EP Jahtari/Data Airlines
Best of Crackscene music 2004-2007 (2008)
14 Track Album - Data Airlines
C'etait mieux en RDA (2007)
12 Track Album - Data Airlines
Best of 2001-2003 (2004)
15 Track Chipdisk - Razor 1911/Data Airlines
Traverse de RN85 (2008)
4 Track EP - Data Airlines

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