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Data Airlines.

Data Airlines – Since 2006

We are a record label vibing on proto internet digital aesthetics. Data Airlines is run by a crew of pilots based all around the globe but founded by people who can trace their roots to the Scandinavian demo & crack scene computer subcultures of the 80s and 90s.


Despite where Data Airlines come from, we believe that it is important to celebrate the sound of old machines without rejecting new technologies in any part of the production chain. As such, we do not intend to engage in pointless nostalgia or overuse of the aesthetics associated with the subcultures to whom we owe our references.  


If you share our vision and think you would make a good addition to our artist rooster, please send your demos to our soundcloud. But we do however not guarantee that we will listen to or answer any requests because the label is a small operation that is already at full capacity with our current engagements.


If you want to contact us for any other inquiry, please send us an email at contact Ⓐ dataairlines.net.  – Thank you.



Terms, Conditions & FAQ concerning the store

Shipping Times & Delays: If not stated otherwise, all items are shipped from Marseilles, France. We try to ship your orders as swift as possible but in general, items ship out within 5 days of a placed order. Expect longer shipping times during holidays and vacation periods.
Shipping delays are 1-5 days for France, 3-14 days for the European Union & Suisse, and 7-25 days for the rest of the world, depending on selected shipping method.


Product Photos: All product images on our site are mockups and not actual photos. While we try our best to simulate reality, some deviations, especially colours, may occur. 


Liability: Please take note that we do not offer any returns or reimbursement for items lost or damaged in transit for orders placed with an unregistered shipping option. If you want to be sure that your items arrive safely and in a timely manner, please consider the registered shipping options with tracking and insurance. 


Shipping Costs: Shipping rates are based on the weight of the item, the possible combination of items and the destination shipping zone as well as the price of the shipping containers used.  We strive to be as transparent as possible concerning shipping costs and welcome you to compare our prices with the ones publicly available at Laposte.fr. 

Please beware that posters can not be shipped together with other items.


Items Not Recieved?: Did you place an order and believe it should have reached you by now? Have the shipping delays mentioned above passed? Have you double checked that your order does not include any items currently on pre-order? In nine out of ten of these cases, no matter the continent or country, this is because the mailman tried to deliver (or didn’t really) your parcel and then failed to leave the note letting you know that it is waiting for you at your local post office. So please shoot us an email to confirm that your item has shipped IE there is no pre-order confusion, then contact your local post office to ask if they have any parcel in your name waiting for you. Parcels often wait at the local post office for over 30 days before they get shipped back so be insistent. If your parcel shows up at our doorstep we will let you know. If you did not order with tracked shipping, returns might take 50+ days and in some rare cases even more. This again is why we strongly recommend you opt for tracked shipping at checkout. 



Digital Downloads: Every item bought you will also receive a Bandcamp digital download code within the confirmation email. Their validity and restrictions are the same as standard Bandcamp download codes acquired directly via Bandcamp. A limited number of objects in our inventory does however not carry the possibility to include a download code I.E when the object is not associated with a piece of music or when we do not own the digital distribution rights for said object. We try our best to include this information on the affected items information listings.


Vinyl Sleeves: Records that are shrink wrapped are shipped as is, while records that are not shrink wrapped are shipped outside their sleeves to prevent seam splits. At request, we can also break open shrink wrap packaging to ship your records outside their sleeves. In the case of sleeves damaged in shipping, we evaluate every case based on what shipping option you chose during checkout. Or to be perfectly clear, if you opted for the cheapest, un tracked non insured shipping method, don’t complain about a nudged record sleeve corner. We do of course respect any request from customers that understanding the correlation & probability between cheap shipping and damaged items. 


Payment Options: We only accept PayPal payments for physical goods. For (most) digital wares, we do accept payments with Bitcoin. 


Clothes Size Charts: Non European customers please beware that our clothes are made in the EU and follow the EN13402 sizing standard. Hence beware of the size inflation phenomena.


Personal Data Storage (GDPR): During a purchase we will ask for your email, your snail address and phone number. These are all used to ship you the item you purchased and inform you about the progress of said purchase. In the case you have opted for a tracked shipping option, this data will be shared with a third party – as in, the postal service we use to deliver your purchase. In no circumstances never ever, in this timeline/universe or another, will we proceed in giving away or selling the information we have on you to anyone anywhere. We don’t do SMS campaigns so your number will stay spam free as well. If you have any questions on what juicy information we have on you – ie what of our albums you have purchased – and/or want that data removed, then please shoot us an email.


Further Questions: Any questions should be directed to contact Ⓐ dataairlines.net. We try to answer e-mails as quickly as possible but expect some downtime during weekends and holidays. 



General FAQ


Release Designation: Limited Edition, Limited Release, Special Edition, Numbered, What does this really mean? Since these terms are fluid between continents, generations, printing vs sound media and that everyone seems to have their own opinion, this is what they mean to us. 


  • Limited Edition is not a designation of the quantity an object is printed in but rather a guarantee that a certain version of an object that will not be reprinted if it runs out. Hence to insure collectors that their purchase will stay unique and not diluted by a zillion re-prints in 15 years. Different to a Limited release, a Limited Edition only concerns that particular version of the object though. As an example, Let’s say we put out a limited edition of 50x silver mirror cassette of a certain album and another 100x standard edition black versions of same album. That means that the silver one will not be reprinted, while the black standard edition might. This also includes the exact content of an object. As in, the limited edition sometimes contains more, less or different material than the standard edition. What the exact definition of a version or iteration of an object is of course also up for debate. This can vary from packaging, content, color differences, release year information to mentioning of a second printing.


  • Limited Release is the designation for when an object will never be re-issued (by us), in any color or form. Ever. 


  • Special Edition is a version that is somehow, in either style, form or content, different and unique compared to the other editions of the object. 


  • Numbered object is a limited edition batch where each object has been manually numbered to additionally prove its genuinity. 


More on Demo Submissions: As mentioned above, we do accept demos, preferably to our soundcloud. We do however not promise that we will listen to them. To increase your chances, do take a long moment of contemplation if you believe that what you are submitting fits with our (recent) vision and output, but without at the same time being a carbon copy of it.  We value innovation, variety & coherence before similarity. Additionally, describing  your vision, hopes and expectations are just as important as your music.

Lastly, please don’t submit demos of material you already released and ask us to re-release or promote it. That is not how this works. We don’t understand why we still get such requests. It is weird. Please stop doing that. 


Youtube/Podcast Music Usage: Most of the music we release gets added to the youtube content ID network. This means that if you use our music in your video, the video will get flagged as including copyrighted material. This might put ads on your video. We understand if you don’t like this so this is how it works:
If the video in question is made with a remunerative intent – as in you or someone else is in any way earning money on/from it (Yes we know youtube earns money on it anyway but don’t be a smart ass) then we think it is only fair that we do so if you include our music. This includes messages from sponsors, product placements and so on. If you require that we whitelist your channel in this case, we will ask for an upfront licensing fee.
If however you feel that the above does not concern you, that your videos are made for free, fun, passion and also that your video does not contain any content that is to be considered political, racist, homophobic, religious, pseudoscientific, sexist or hateful in any way, then please feel free to use our music in it in exchange of crediting the author. In this case, also please send us an email to get your channel whitelisted. For more information please see the next point.


Copyright: As mentioned, we trace our origins to the proto and early internet piracy scene. This doesn’t mean we don’t believe in copyright, but that we adhere to the basic rules and values of the piracy scene of that time.

– Don’t Sell Warez.
– Give credits where credits are due.
– If you like the content. Support the authors.


We believe that these simple rules can be translated to cover almost any aspect of where we stand on copyright and distribution of our output. So:

TLDR; Any reproduction and distribution of our content or alternations of our content without our consent and with remunerative intent will be frowned upon.