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Alescere Digital

Produced on Game Boy Advance & nanoloop 2. Digitally recorded via Nintendo Game Cube & Game Boy Player by 2xAA.
Cover Art by Dubmood.
Thanks to Edie, Mum, James, Li, Matt, Dario, Gareth and Kalle for your support and inspiration.
Special thanks to Tim Pietrusky, Oliver Wittchow, Extrems and the Woodstock crew, past and present.

Alescere’s dance, techno & drum and bass fusion has pushed 2xAA’s Game Boy Advance to the limit. The album was conceived over 2020 and 2021, then tweaked and improved over 2022.

New production and digital recording methods were discovered during the 3 years of its creation, which made Alescere’s sound and range possible.

Utilising the Game Cube and Game Boy Player for digital capture eliminates the Game Boy’s noise floor, which allows for a higher dynamic range when mastering the audio.
At the time of recording, this is believed to be the first chiptune album captured from genuine hardware with a fully digital audio pathway.