Data Airlines.

Dubmood 5.25″ Floppy CD Box Set

A 5 CD box set containing five previously sold out compact discs in sleeves and outer wallets cut to look like 5.25″ floppy disks with dust covers. Compiled in a sliding box, reminiscent of boxes containing floppy disks. Black data sides. Shrink wrapped. Limited to 75 copies only.
Limited to only 1 item per customer. Scalpers will be frowned upon.

Best of 2001-2003 (DATA050)
Best of 2004-2007 (DATA002)
Lost Floppies 1 (DATA043)
Lost Floppies 2 (DATA027)
C’etait Mieux en RDA (DATA001)

Shipping from France with uninsured and unregistered mail. Shipping begins 27/12/2021