LSDj: Year Zero

Twenty years ago, Johan Kotlinski released the Gameboy music software LSDj and things haven’t been the same since. LSDj attracted people from a wide variety of music scenes who together upset the rhythm of the demoscene and brought chipmusic into a new era. This compilation features songs from those wild early years, before the new era would establish its traditions, definitions and restrictions.
With help from our intelligent electronic brain we have trawled archives, forums, cartridges and memory dumps to revive 24* LSDj hits mostly made between 2000 and 2004. The cassette release also comes with a follow-up report to Elektronmusik i Sverige (1977). It describes how LSDj has fulfilled three central ideas from the original report: forming new bonds between art and technology, attracting new people to electronic music and educating them. The report “expresses its deepest admiration to the powerful work of Mr. Kotlinski. Public funding synthesized with an unparalleled mind has propelled the world into a new state and given new life to countless individuals and subcultural flows around the world.”

* One track by Huoratron is only available on the cassette release

Second Print! Black shelled audio cassette with an 8 page J-card including the final report from Elektronmusikutredningen. Made in the UK. Shipping from France. Labeled as Second Print on the J-Card to distinguish from the first edition.