Data Airlines.

Musica De Computadora

Sky blue shelled cassette in a transparent case. Limited to 100 copies. Made in the UK. Shipping from France.

Argentinian chiptune producer 2G1B is back from a hiatus with a new EP. Julian Carrara, recently been busy with the project I Have Problemas, is serving us four tracks of Latin American electronica and bass music hybrids. Available both as Adlib Tracker II modules and on audio cassette.

Joining Julian for remixing duties are a solid lineup of Data Airlines household names like GEM TOS, Polisen, Abe Sangin and the professional C64boomschackalack escape artist GOTO80.
Released June 19, 2021

All music composed & produced by Julian Carrara in Adlib Tracker II between 2018 and 2020 by 2G1B and recorded at Chip Lab studio, Madrid. Julian would like to thank subz3ro for AT2.
Drums on Track 6 by Metronomax.
Cover Art by Dubmood.