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Telex from MIDI City

// Telex From MIDI City \\

A desperate, romantic, noisy, technicolor broadcast from another place. A tumult of hyperactive noise and ideas wrangled into the shape of a record. A soundtrack to how things could be done differently. Complexity conveyed without pretension. Telex From MIDI City is an assemblage of deft, angular laser beats from the 90s IDM scenes, low fidelity VHS tape hiss reclaimed from the endless nostalgia of YouTube synthwave channels, and the soaring melodies and occasional slabs of noise honed by Wolinski during his years as one quarter of 65daysofstatic.

This record is a document of stubborn utopian dreaming and an unshakable belief in humanity. A constellation of bangers. Dance music for a universe with different maths. Telex From MIDI City is shot through with a determined, restless imagining of better futures. YOUTH BEFORE OBLIVION!


Written & Produced by Paul Wolinski.
Mixed by Dave Sanderson.
Mastered by Paul Cousins.
Artwork by Caspar Newbolt.