Various Artists – ST-FM

excavation data

DDt-23 v072 Runs: 8 735 838 Errors: 398 4mat + Karsten Obarski + Legend + Copyman + Dr Vector + Balboa + Pizza + Qwan + Svetlana Correlation value: 718


Post-excavation analysis

ST-FM is a tribute to one of the most used sample packs of the late 1980’s: ST-01 and ST-02: These two floppy disks came bundled with the Amiga music software Soundtracker (made by Karsten Obarski in 1987). It was used in thousands of songs in the late 1980’s and was “the sound of Amiga” before custom samples became popular.

ST-FM celebrates this movement with ST-01 and ST-02 based songs from a selection of artists renowned for their work on the Amiga, many for over three decades. Some of them were found thanks to DDT-23.

b  Cassette / digital
Animated web version
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Music: Qwan b Zabutom b Balboa b Linde b Dr. Vector b Goto80 b Svetlana b Tero b 4mat b Vim b Omri Suleiman b Firedrill b Ingemar b Enzo Cage b Mark ‘TDK’ Knight

Curation: Goto80 b DDT-23
Graphics: ilKke
Code: Yonx 
b Maskinpop 

DATA999 b released February 10 b 2017