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As much as we love music engraved into physical objects, we have to acknowledge that pressing and shipping vinyl around the world is having an impact on the environment. We are alredy using a C02 neutral shipping service but to further reduce our carbon footprint, we have decided to donate 0,5$ for every sold 12″ record to a tree planting NGO. If you decide to check the tree planting box during checkout, you will match our donation and make a total of 1$. It is a small but great step towards reforestation of endangered areas. So please consider doing so! <3


As of October, 2020. We have through this project together contributed to the plantation of 22 Birch and pine trees in the Forêt de la Guerche (Oyré department, France) which created lots of little habitats for the local wildlife, especially the nightjar population, and we got a nice certificate as well.