Bright White Lightning - Bad Teeth

DATA024 - 4th April 2012 - CD & Digital

# American Northwest band Bright White Lightning experiments with fusing the unique sounds of chip, electronic, and synth music of forgotten technologies with a more traditional indie-pop band. The result is a 3-piece group with a guitarist, a bassist, and a drummer, coupled with an almost artificial intelligence backing of a Nintendo Game Boy, Commodore Amiga, Atari XL, and several synths. Bright White Lightning combines the two competing genres of electronic music and indie-rock, creating a complex, gritty sound that’s hard not to move to. The trio has plans to add expand their sound and master the craft that they are creating, while diving into tailoring the visuals and aesthetic of what is to become a new genre: Chiprock.

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Bright White Lightning – Bad Teeth: Audio CD


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Pressed Compact Disc in high quality shrink wrapped cardboard sleeves, shipping from France.