Bright White Lightning - Dirty Nails

DATA038 - June 14 2015 - Cassette & Digital

# Bright White Lightning is a four piece electronic rock band based in Seattle. Combining a range of vintage and retro technology and synthesizers with guitars and percussion, the band’s sound is reminiscent of early American & British new wave bands as well as modern synthpop and indie rock acts. Citing wide-ranging influences including Metronomy, New Order, The Rapture, Caribou, The Strokes, and LCD Soundsystem, Bright White Lightning delivers a punchy, powerful sound that is equal parts contemporary indie-pop, electronica, and 80s rock. 
Conceptualised in 2010 by vocalist Scott Howell towards the end of his college career, the band began life in 2011 when Scott met bassist Alexander Marne Noelke and drummer Joey Albrecht following a series of chance meetings as neighbours and co-workers. From humble beginnings and drunken nights programming a Game Boy in Scott’s apartment, the band’s demos quickly attracted interest from fans and labels, ultimately signing to seminal European chipmusic label Data Airlines before making their live debut in December 2011. 
Bright White Lightning’s debut EP, Bad Teeth, was released in April 2012. Receiving positive reviews from European and US press and fans, Bad Teeth quickly established Bright White Lightning’s international profile, effortlessly straddling the chipmusic and indie-rock music scenes alike in terms of appeal and fan base. In 2013 the band was joined by Shawn Randles on lead guitar and synths in order to accurately present their increasingly complex and layered live sound. 
Dirty Nails, the follow up EP to Bad Teeth, drops in June 2014 and there are a multitude of events planned alongside the EP’s launch. Dirty Nails juxtaposes guitar, bass, and drums with a range of electronic elements including the Nintendo Gameboy, Commodore Amiga, and 80s synths. With the final additions of heartfelt, semi-autobiographical lyrics and powerful choruses, Dirty Nails highlights the continuing evolution of the band’s signature sound.



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Bright White Lightning – Dirty Nails: Cassette


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Factory-printed Cassette Version of Bright White Lightnings Dirty Nails. Made in the USA. Shipping from France. Limited Edition of 50.