“We have no future because our present is too volatile. We have only risk management. The spinning of the given moment's scenarios. Pattern recognition.”

Syncro is the third EP in Makeup and Vanity Sets Neuromancer series completed by Wavehymnal & Chrome. With it, MAVS brings a very Jarresque and cautiously optimistic conclusion to the diegesis. The eight tracks bears resemblance of the time when early digital workstations started to make room in previously analogue electronic studios and Makeup & Vanity Set perfectly managed to touch on that certain blend of electronic sound that turned the gritty 80s into a more expresionistique 90s . This also describes the story that MAVS is telling in Syncro. We start out in that neon lit tech-noir 80s that we have come to known through the synthwave scene and through each track slowly moves towards the surface until we get washed up by Rob n Ras sounding Pure Waves straight into a sunny new decade. 

1. City Realms
2. Mirrors 
3. Stimulation 
4. Pure Wave 
5. Syncro 
6. Pattern Recognition
7. Rami 
8. Arpa

Syncro is available on Audio Cassette, 12" Vinyl and on all digital platforms. 

Download the album as a zip. 


Makeup & Vanity Set (MAVS) emanates from Nashville, TN and started making electronic music in the mid 90s. Like many other big names in his genre, MAVS is a result of the mod tracking scene that was booming during the early days of the internet. Since he put on a ski mask in 2004, MAVS has proven himself as a quality brand in every aspect of the electronic music scene that he has touched. He has become a respected name within the early U.S. electro house scene, the chiptune scene, and most recently the synthwave scene. 

The experience that MAVS has earned through more than a decade of said genres is shown of in a very refined way, and sometimes over the span of just one track it becomes significantly difficult to be sure if to classify it as Synthwave, Chiptune, Electro house or new wave. Instead, MAVS music is better described as a reverence and celebration of electronic music from the 70s and 80s as it would have sounded if today was the future imagined by the past, composed by someone who have the touch, eye and ear for details as only people that started composing with trackers have.