Data Airlines

Data Airlines - Since 2006

We are a record label focused around retro-gaming, indie electronics, chiptune and retro-future design founded in 2006. Data Airlines is run by a crew of pilots from Marseille, France and Göteborg & Malmö, Sweden with roots in the demo & crackscene computer subcultures of the 80s and 90s.

Our vision is that in the age of internet, it is important to exploit new technologies to make and spread good music without also forgetting our love for sound on physical media. Even though celebrating the sound of old machines, we do not intend to engage in pointless nostalgia or overuse of the aestheticsassociated with the culture of the scene.  We like bands and love live music.

If you share our vision and think you would make a good addition to our artist rooster, please send your demos to our soundcloud. If you want to buy our goods, please visit our bandcamp shop. If you want to contact us for music licensing & remixing requests or sign up to our DJ & Contributor mailing list for pre-releases, send us an email at contact Ⓐ  - Thank you for listening.