Dubmood - Force De Frappe

DATA045 - Dec 15 2015 - 12" Vinyl, C-60 Cassette, 5.25" Floppy CD & Digital

# Force De Frappe is an original and hard-hitting synthwave album based on Dubmood's unused submissions from Hotline Miami 2 as a foundation upon which to build a unique and twisted story about an evil Swedish defence system AI, a French nuclear deterrence program gone bad, and AI-built female androids flying vintage SAAB jet fighters over a dark Gothenburg archipelago in 1981. Fans of the Hotline Miami 2 soundtrack should feel right at home as the entirety of Force De Frappe is heavily influenced by the soundscape and mood of the award-winning soundtracks to both Hotline Miami and its recently-releasd sequel. 

Force De Frappe is available wherever digital music is sold, and is also being offered on 12" vinyl, C-60 cassette tape, and on a CD housed within a 5.25" floppy disk.



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Dubmood – Force De Frappe: 12″ Vinyl


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Regular weight 12″ vinyl pressed in France with a 350g premium cardboard sleeve. The vinyl contains slightly different versions of the tracks compared to the digital, CD and cassette version of Force De Frappe. Even though it only has 9 tracks compared to 14 on the CD, it still contains 36 minutes of music compared to the 41 minutes on the CD.

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Dubmood – Force De Frappe: Audio Cassette


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Factory-printed Cassette Version of Force De Frappe. Limited Edition of 100. Contains slightly different versions of the tracks compared to the CD, digital and Vinyl version of Force De Frappe and also 3 tracks not present on any other version totaling 58 minutes of music! For those interested in the full story that is told in Force De Frappe, the cassette also includes the epilogue…

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Dubmood – Force De Frappe: 5.25″ Floppy CD



5.25″ Floppy Edition. Printed CD-r in a real 5.25″ Floppy Disk Sleeve. Limited Edition of 50 white and 50 black floppy disks.

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Dubmood – Force De Frappe: A2 Poster


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170g/m2 high quality A2 matte poster (420 x 594 mm) with an extended version of the album artwork Printed in Germany.

All our posters are shipped in triangular cardboard tubes and separately from other items.