Dubmood - Machine

DATA030 - 10th January 2014 - 5.25" Floppy CD & Digital

#Machine, the latest album from three-piece retro-sound outfit Dubmood furthers the group’s attempt to create a unified a canvas of digital symphonies with some of the more raw elements of rock and pop. The album is released on independent chipmusic label Data Airlines, a purveyor of all things digital from a nostalgic time of square waves, dial-up modems and IRC.

Dubmood is a Swedish chip music producer ex-pat in Marseille with roots in the pre-internet software piracy scene as a long-time member of the infamous Razor 1911 and an active electronic musician since 1996. Considered somewhat of a style-originator and reference point in the international chip music community, Dubmood has brought mainstream popularity to the genre and inspired hordes of kids to bring out their Gameboys and shout 8 bit on the internet. In 2004, Dubmood left cyberspace to tour the world in different coalitions, founded Data Airlines and gained recognition as a popular producer and remixer. Dubmood’s musical output is best described as a dance floor-friendly fusion of 80s computer game music, IDM & electro house, with a lot of indie-rock and hip hop references.

Machine was released in early 2014, breaking the mould of contemporary chipmusic and expanding into new territories – this is cold, 8-bit blended with warm analogue synths, groovy live drums and anxious French vocals. Breathing life into a genre that is historically defined by overt video game references and candy-coated melodies, Dubmood’s music instead chooses to pay homage to the darker stylings of The Knife, Kraftwerk and LCD Soundsystem, combining elements of each to create something entirely new and uniquely Dubmood.

Altogether, Dubmood’s latest effort is a layered, almost orchestral soundscape of past, future and timeless sounds that makes a serious mark on the worlds of chipmusic, dance, punk, and indie electronics.



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Dubmood – Machine:
5.25″ Floppy CD


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Full Color Printed CDr in a 5.25″ Floppy. Limited edition of 200.

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Dubmood – Machine: Audio Cassette


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Audio Cassette version of Dubmoods Machine. Printed in the UK, J-card printed in Germany, shipping from France.