GEM TOS - The Dominant Idea

DATA031 - 15th June 2014 - Digital

#GEM TOS has existed as a mysterious entity in cyberspace for some time, phasing in and out of our reality and manifesting on numerous tracks and releases from the likes of Dubmood and Oai Star as a voice encouraging the skipping of school, talking about chiptunes and occasionally quoting well-known Kraftwerk lyrics. In June 2014, GEM TOS’ materialisation becomes complete with the release of The Dominant Idea, a four track EP available via Data Airlines.

Powerful, attitude-laden lyrics with a sharp feminist edge overlay an electronic palette that combines equal parts chipmusic, electronic body music and electro-clash to create a sound that is stylish and polished yet at the same time gritty and mechanical in its execution. With The Dominant Idea, GEM TOS’ character and musical output have reached the next stage of its long evolution, having already been likened to EBM stalwarts like DAF and Nitzer Ebb by DJs and peers whilst providing a strong melody and vocal elements that are reminiscent of Miss Kitten or Peaches earlier work.
The Dominant Idea is released on 15th June 2014 and is available in digital format from Data Airlines and all good online retailers.