GOTO80 - 0407

DATA047 - May 15 2016 - Audio Cassette & Digital

0407 is a selection of tracks previously released by GOTO80 on the world wide web between 2004 and 2007. A time before big business took over internet music: a sort of golden days for netlabels. All of the songs on this release were put out by mp3 netlabels like 20kbps records & 8bitpeoples. Many of those labels are defunct, and some of the releases are no longer available online (Yes, things disappear from the internet every day). It was also peak yers for chipmusic in many ways, especially in Northern Europe. Stockholm had the monthly Microdisko club, the Japanese served daily chip news, Malcolm Mclaren came and went & the community was flourishing. 

0407 is an attempt to preserve that time in chipmusic history Before the age of Myspace, facebook & soundcloud through an essentials collection of one of the most prominent artist of the chiptune scene.  



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GOTO80 – 0407: Audio Cassette


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Audio Cassette version of GOTO80s 0407 carrying almost 90 minutes of music. Printed in the UK, J-card printed in Germany, shipping from France.