GOTO80 - 80864

DATA051 - October 24 2016 - 12" Vinyl, Audio Cassette & Digital

Once again, Goto80 returns with new experiments, this time with a synchronized Commodore 64 and TR-808. Together they play crunchy electro funk, melodic acid pop and evil techno bass. This is gut-wrenching 808-kickdrums, dirty SID-sounds and ambiguous atmospheres all the way! 

The experienced Goto80 listener will recognize the strong melodies, the broken rhythms and the obvious inspirations from rock, IDM and reggae dub. With 80864 he also delves deeper into acid, electro and techno as an homage to the history of the 808. All taken together, 80864 is probably Goto80's most consistent release to date, and his first solo 12" vinyl. 

"Ever since Kissdub lent/gave me his TR-808 many years ago, I've wanted to synchronize it with the C-64. Finally, in 2014, Scannerboy built like two dozen interfaces that did this, and I managed to get my hands on one. I'm forever grateful to Scannerboy, and our lord the defMON-creator, for making my music setup obscure as f**k. And here are some of the tracks that these babies (and their friends) have spit out during the past 2 years. Enjoy!" 



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GOTO80 – 80864 12″ Floppy Vinyl


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Regular weight 12″ vinyl pressed in France with a 350g premium cardboard sleeve die-cut to look like a 5.25″ floppy disk.

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GOTO80 – 80847 Audio Cassette



Audio Cassette version of GOTO80s 80847. Printed in the UK, shipping from France.