Hello World - Hello World

DATA028 - 30th November 2013- Cassette & Digital

#What happens when a sound designer meets a Gameboy musician? Well to be honest, a rather surprising 8 years of constant European touring as a hardcore/punk group with the aim to change society happened. But maybe that is what every aspiring electronic musician should be forced to do before they start to put out music on the internet. At least that is the story of Hello World. Two Swedish friends who just put together a new EP on Data Airlines. Gameboy aesthetics meets real world, trying to find a link with Nature. Swedish cold and Swedish warm at the same time. The Shape Of Chip To Come?



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Hello World – Hello World: Audio Cassette


Factory-printed Cassette Version of Hello Worlds debute EP. Made in the USA. Shipping from France. Includes remixes by Martin Brändström, MisfitChris, Komradejack & Octapus. Limited Edition of 50.
!REPRINT! New edition of 50 white cassettes instead of yellow.

This product is sold out, or is it? (・_・ヾ)