Maniac Mansion & Superdöner - Split Cassette

excavation data

DDt-23 v072 Runs: 1 128 041 Errors: 12 e-mail jon clarke e-mail superdoner manchild 

Maniac mansion + superdöner - split cassette

Post-excavation analysis

This release collects rare and unavailable songs from two of the first 8-bit punk bands - Maniac Mansion (USA) and Superdöner (Sweden). Both of these bands released their first record in 2004, as the new chip music scene was still forming in Europe and USA. Maniac Mansion and Superdöner however, were not part of that movement.

Instead, they played at punk, rock and skate-venues where people were not used to 8-bit sounds. Nevertheless, the released some records and played plenty of shows for a few years.