“Où sont les fleurs d'hypnose... Porno... Techno... Ma dose ?”

PO-TOCH-KINE, three syllabes, one puissant sortilege. Of love and of anger. A pagan baptisme by a most equivocal duo. The dysmal chant of a powerful voice, the tense rhythmic tension of dance and techno. The incandescents lyrics of an interloped youth. The crude lunacy of a generation, generally, bothersome, Upsetting..  Potochkine is an artistic composition of the above rare to emerge in such a complete state. For the curious, the pair is sure to engulf one into their wicked, poetical, theatral world. 

Potochkine's eponymous EP is available on an Audio Cassette, a 12" vinyl and on all the usual digital