Wojciech Golczewski - Reality Check

DATA048 - May 15 2016 - Audio Cassette & Digital

Reality Check is a concept album compiled of material composed and inspired by Wojciechs various work for the motion pictures. It can be described as a horror sci fi soundtrack with influences from his previous demoscene and chiptune heritage together with more recent synthwave and electronica. The album comes on a cassette with artwork from the very talented Marie Bergeron from Montreal.
Reality Check will also be available on other formats through Death Waltz. If you are not familiar with Wojciechs previous demoscen work, we strongly recommend that you check out the music disk Whispers released by Razor 1911 back in 2002.



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Wojciech Golczewski – Reality Check: Audio Cassette



Audio Cassette version of Wojciech Golczewskis Reality Check. Printed in the UK, shipping from France.
Limited Edition of 40X Red Shelled Cassettes
Limited Edition of 30x Glitter Shelled Cassettes
Standard Edition Black Shelled Cassettes.