Zabutom - New Beginnings

DATA028 - 15th October 2013 - Cassette & Digital

#Zabutom is of the chipmusic scenes old guard and came out of the same generation of Swedish lo-fi musicians as Dubmood and Goto80. He is a composer and musician with a degree in electronic music composition from Gothenburgs Music Conservatory with a profound love for vintage consoles and the computer demoscene subculture.
Member of the two decade old Fairlight cracking crew on the Commodore 64. His music is far from the cheesy and predictable chipmusic that has flooded the internet for the last years but closer to art, inspired by his work with sound installations and exhibitions but still 4/4 to the floor. Scandinavian Electronics at its purest.

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Zabutom – New Beginnings:
Audio Cassette


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Factory-printed Cassette Version of Zabutom – New Beginnings (DATA028) Made in the USA. Shipping from France. Includes a Dubmood remix and two previously un-released Zabutom tracks exclusive to this cassette that will not appear in a digital version. Limited Edition of 50.